How to Grow Thin Brows

My brow duo that I cannot live without! This Grande Brow is LEGIT and has helped me grow out my brows! My brows would not grow before I used this! Definitely worth the price! They also have Grande Lash for eye lashes! (Affiliate links)

For the Grande Brow, all of you have to do is place one swipe of the serum on your eyebrows where you are trying to promote growth!   Make sure that you do this at night, after you wash your face, and before bed!  

While using the Brow Drama, I use this after I place my foundation on, where I need to fill in the gaps on my eyebrows!  It also comes with a setting 

"gel" and highlighter!  

Grande Brow:
Maybelline Brow Drama, under $5!! (I use Deep Brown):
Grande Lash:

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