Baseball Hat Outfits for Spring

Baseball Hat Outfits [For Spring]

There's no denying, I LOVE to wear baseball hats!  ESPECIALLY when it is hot and sunny!  Not only are baseball hats functional in the spring; they are also super CUTE!!  Follow along where I will show you a couple different baseball hat outfits for spring!

Also, my mom uniform for this spring and summer  is going to be a baseball hat and these tennis shoes (make sure you size down 1 full size) !  I have found that I wear these things so much!

Baseball Hat Outfit 1:  Thermal Tank with Bralette

I love how the bralette makes this casual look a little more feminine!  (Also, if you look over my right shoulder, you can see a little Elmo peeking out!) #momlife in full force!!  Wear this with leggings, jeans, or jean shorts and you're all set!!  Curl your hair, add your hat, and GO!

Baseball Hat Outfit 2: Athletic Wear with a Jean Jacket

I don't know about where you live.. but my climate changes numerous times a DAY!  In the morning, it will be 45 degrees, will be 70 at lunch, and in the evening, back down in the 50s!  Layering is a MUST!  Add the cute baseball hat, and you're all set!!

Baseball Hat Outfit 3:  Athletic Wear 

Headed to the gym?!  Well grab this super cute Adidas hoodie and baseball hat and you're well on your way! This hoodie is super cute, the emblem is all GLITTER!!  

Baseball Hat Outfit 4:  Hat with a Bow Scrunchie

Would you ever think that you could wear a bow scrunchie with a camo baseball hat?!  Well you absolutely CAN!  These bow scrunchies are very feminine and sweet, and the pattern mixing of the camo is just perfect! 

These scrunchies come in a pack of 8 and only $10 (currently)!  So make sure you grab them.. I've been wearing them non-stop! 

Baseball Hat Look 5: Off-the-Shoulder Sweatshirt with Jeans and Sandals

Ultimate comfort is all I can say about this outfit!  I'm loving the camo trend and hope it never goes away!  Especially because this is my favorite baseball hat.  

A quick aside.. Have you ever heard of butter denim?  They are the MOST amazing denim EVER!  They are SO stretchy, SO comfortable, and it is hard to wear normal denim now.  I wear high rise (they aren't super high... I can even do a front tuck with them), and size down one!  

This top is super cute, as it is open back and off the shoulder!  Also, these sandals are my new favorite!  So comfortable and waterproof!  

Baseball Hat Outfit 6:  A Jumpsuit to Wear Casually

This jumpsuit is super awesome!  However, it really is "supposed" to be worn more formally, but I wanted to wear it casually! You can check out how to wear this jumpsuit four different ways here .  
By adding the hat, sneakers, and jean jacket, it turned the jumpsuit more casual. 

I hope I gave you some inspiration for baseball hat outfits! Let me know your favorite below!

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo- Ashley

Happy 8th Birthday, Jane!

Happy Birthday, Jane!!

This post contains commissioned links for your shopping convenience.  Meaning if you click a link and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission, to probably purchase more items from Jane. Please see my disclosures here. 

If you've been following me for a while, you know that I have a deep love for  If you haven't been following me.. I have a deep love for Jane!  My husband joked and said that one of the happiest days of my life is when I got my affiliation with Jane.  He's not wrong! 

So Jane is an online boutique marketplace that has thousands of retailers that sell their merchandise, like the latest in women's fashion, home decor, and kid's items.  These boutiques are sometimes small business-owners, with handcrafted goods, selling on this site.  I love it because I get to support small businesses.  Also, they have the trendiest and most unique clothing ever!  If you stop me and ask me where I purchased something, it will most likely be from Jane.  I have made well over 100 personal purchases!  Also, the deals from Jane are only there for a few days.  With new arrivals arriving daily!  You can shop and look at something new every. single. day.  It is AMAZING! 

Jane is celebrating their 8th birthday this week!  Wow, 8 years!  That is truly remarkable!  I am so happy that I get to be a (very) small part of the Jane family!  And to celebrate, I am going to show you my top 8 purchases from Jane

(Please note that because these are past purchases, these may not be available right now.  However, you can check out all of the amazing deals on Jane here!) 

1. These amazing wide-leg palazzo pants!

Seriously, these are the cutest pants, EVER!   (I told ya they have the trendiest clothing!!).  They have a belted waist, are super soft, and the pretties pink color!!

Here is a little picture to make you laugh!  I mean, you can dress us up, and take us to a fancy country club to see the Easter bunny.. But my toddler will most likely have a meltdown and be on the floor.

At least, I am comfortable in my pink pants! 🤣🤣🤣.

2.  My FAVORITE striped tunic

If you've been following me for any length of time, then you should have seen me in this tunic.  It is from one of my favorite boutiques on Jane, Tickled Teal. Usually this tunic is less than $15 and comes in navy and black stripe!  Which I have both colors!! (I also have to disclose that the scarves jacket, and vest in this picture is also from Jane!) .  You can shop all of Tickled Teal on Jane here.  I find their clothing to be true to size.  

3. Our personalized Mickey Mouse graphic tees (and red polka dot earrings)

All of our tees, (with the exception of Addi's) are from Jane!  If you're going to Disney any time soon, you HAVE to check Jane out for some awesome Disney swag!  Personalized and cool!  There are new Disney-inspired items daily! We bought these for Addi's second birthday party since it was Mickey-themed!  We also purchased Addi's Mickey dress from Jane!

4. This under $20, one-shoulder jumpsuit

This one-shoulder jumpsuit is one of my MOST FAVORITE Jane find yet!  Can I tell you how hard it is to find a jumpsuit that fits, and doesn't give you a massive wedgie?  Oh wait, just me?!  Well, this one is super cute, is so soft, and I love the ruffled one shoulder!  It is a bit long on my 5'2 frame, but nothing that a little hem tape won't fix!

5.  The cutest yellow tassel earrings

Seriously, can these tassel earrings be any cuter?!  They are perfect for spring and summer!  Super lightweight, the color is perfection and I'm pretty sure they were less than $5!

6.  Addi's backpack 

This backpack has been a life-saver!  It is small enough to fit Addi's toddler frame, but big enough to fit her folder for school!  Also, I love the belted front to keep it in place!  I never thought that would be a thing, but it is!  Also, don't mind her hair.. it was crazy hair day at school and she was SUPER excited for it!

7.  This scalloped hem top

Is it just me or am I the only one who doesn't have many nice short-sleeved shirts?!  I have SO many sweaters and SO many tanks!  Sometimes you just need a dressy short-sleeved shirt!  Well, this one is great!  It is stretchy, doesn't hug around my mommy pooch, and the scallops are just adorable!!

8. Graphic Tees

My love for graphic tees all started with Jane!  They seriously have the funniest graphic tees I've ever seen!  Also, most of them are also handmade, so I love supporting those small businesses when I can!  One of my absolute favorites is this "Harvard Law.. Just Kidding" graphic tee!  I mean, I just can't!  It makes me laugh every time I wear it!

Also, my most pinned pin on Pinterest (say that three times fast) is how I styled this graphic tee for Valentine's Day three different ways!  This was the most favorite way to style it, when I polled my social media channels!

There are my TOP 8 finds from Jane to celebrate your birthday!

Thank you Jane, for being you.  And for allowing me this awesome opportunity to showcase all the amazing deals and finds I have found over the years!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Now let's eat some donuts and/or cake and SHOP!

Thanks for stopping by!

💗- Ashley

Last Minute Easter Gifts!

Last Minute Easter Gifts

So, I totally needed to Prime some gifts!  I CANNOT believe that Easter is next week!  Ahhh.. 6 days away!  Well here are some awesome gifts that you can get delivered to your door!  These are all under $30 (currently).  This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience.  Please see me disclosure here

1. Don't Step In It-Unicorn Edition:
2. Scribble Scrubble:
3. Hachimals Easter basket:
4. Extreme Egg Toss:
5. Surprise Figurines in eggs:
6. V-Tech Selfie Journal:
7. Kid's digital camera:
8. Jumping Jack Game:
9. Fun Dough Egg Surprise:

**Please note that Amazon has wonderful deals and prices, which are subject to change without notice! **

I hope you find what you're looking for and that the Easter Bunny does good.  Apparently, the Easter bunny only gives Sarris candy... So there's that!

xoxo- Ashley

One Jumpsuit Four Ways | How to Wear a Jumpsuit

One Jumpsuit Four Ways | How to Wear a Jumpsuit

This post contains affiliate links for you shopping convenience.  Please see my disclosure here.
If you've been following me, then you know I love to style one thing different ways!  I mean, I am on a budget and I have to know that I can get the most bang-for-my-buck before I buy! Well this jumpsuit fits all of the marks of wearing it different ways!  Here I did a whole post on how to wear a jumpsuit, and how to wear this ONE jumpsuit FOUR ways!

First off, it is currently on sale and only $10!  Secondly, it is as soft as butter!  Seriously, if you ever wore those butter leggings, the material is just that!  It is so comfortable!  Oh, and going to the bathroom is easy (as far as jumpsuits go).  No teeny tiny zipper in the back that you can't reach and need a partner with every bathroom trip.  This one will just slip right over your shoulders!  It comes in XS-XXXL, so there is a fit for practically anyone.  I have to say that this is juniors sizing and I am wearing an XL, but could have wore the L without a problem.  So I suggest sizing up one!

How to Style a Jumpsuit Look 1:  Workwear Appropriate

I love when I can do double duty and wear an outfit for both work and play.  By adding a blazer and pumps over this jumpsuit makes it appropriate for the office!  Wear this on a Friday and just remove your blazer, and you're ready for happy hour!!

How to Wear a Jumpsuit Look 2: Casual 

Sometimes you just need a comfy wedge and bold accessories to make a black and white outfit POP!  These wedges are comfortable and super cute!  However, I do recommend sizing down half a size.  I am wearing my normal size and they are a little big.  I love the tassel earring trend and hope it doesn't go away!  These yellow tassel earrings are super cute, lightweight, and currently under $8 (but Amazon has awesome deals and prices can change at any time).  Many different colors available!!

How to Wear a Jumpsuit Look 3: Super Casual 

When I saw this jumpsuit, I told my mom that it would be super cute really casual.  She wasn't too sure.  However, I think that I turned her around!  What do you think?!  This MAY be my favorite look yet!!

Here is a view from the side.  The legs are wide leg, but they are so comfortable and not too flowy.  I also love the tie-waist!  The waist is very generous, but you can tie it tighter if you need! 

I love pairing a denim jacket to any outfit.  Especially a causal one!  I've had this denim jacket for a few years and it is held up nicely!   So many different patterns and colors!  I have my eye on a white one for the summer!! 

How to Wear a Jumpsuit Look 4:  Date Night

Need a fun date night outfit?  Well grab the jumpsuit, some pumps, and leopard accessories and you're good to go!!  The pumps are so comfortable (well, ya know, for pumps..) and they are true to size! 

So which way is your favorite?! 1, 2, 3, or 4?!  You know my favorite is the super casual look #3!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

xoxo- Ashley

Additional Entries for Giveaway!

Wahoo!!  As to thank you for all of your LOVE and support, I have decided to do a GIVEAWAY!  This is for an electronic gift card of your choice!

All you have to do for entries is LIKE my Facebook page and tell me where you would like you e-giftcard!  EVERY time you like or comment on my page, you will get an additional entry!

Want some additional entries?!

10 additional entries if you SHARE my Facebook PAGE to your personal PAGE!

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If you do all of those things... you can get an additional 30 entries!!

If the page goes up to 3,000 likes because of this contest, I will give away ANOTHER $25 gift card!  That would be TWO winners!  Wahoooo!

The giveaway will end on April 26, 2019 and winner will be selected on April 28, 2019.

The winner must claim their prize within 48 hours and must be able to provide an email address and select a retailer that has electronic gift cards.  This giveaway is no way endorsed by Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram and is done solely through Coffee and Hugs.

Easy and Simple Way to Organize Scarves

Easy and Simple Way to Organize Scarves

Click on this picture to pin it and save it for later!

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience.  Please see my disclosures here.

Ladies, my scarves needed HELP!!!  Like, serious help and FAST!  The quicker the better.  There was a heap of scarves attached to the back of my bedroom door.  I am surprised that the weight of all that did not break the door.  Seriously.. it was hard to open and close.   My sister told me this idea to use this cool over-the-door shoe holder for scarves, so I decided to try it out!

Keep on reading to see this easy and SIMPLE way that I organized FORTY scarves.  YES, 40!!!

Can you please take a look at this MESS?!  I am so embarrassed that it even got this out-of-hand.

Also, this made me realize that I have a scarf problem.  I think I am on a ban of purchasing any more scarves.  Marie Kondo would be SO upset.  

Actually, now that I think about it.  I have an ACCESSORY problem.  I love accessories.  But that's for a different story on a different day.  Back to the task at hand..

Organizing this mess...

So the whole process took me LESS THAN AN HOUR!  And made such a huge impact!

The first thing I had to do was just take that heap off the back of the door.  I just put it on my bed.  And then hung an over-the-door shoe organizer.  I just picked mine up at the local Big Lots because I was actually in a store and wanted to complete this project ASAP.  However, I found this one that has extra wide pockets, and wish that I had purchased it!

I recommend getting one that is fabric or linen blend and not plastic.  I feel that I would have ripped a plastic one!

Then all I did was fold my scarves as small as I could; to ensure that they fit into the holders!  I folded them like this.. 

And then another couple folds to get it like this.. 

Wahoo!  Look how small that is!  This is actually an infinity scarf, too!  SO easy and becomes SO small!  

Since these were not bulky, I could place two scarves together in one pocket!  It was simply magical!

Ahh, just about halfway through my little project!  You could see that on the bottom row, that was a super bulky scarf.  So I couldn't fit two of them buggers in there.  Just one, but that was okay.  

I could have actually put the scarves a little bit deeper into the pockets, but I didn't want to so I could see both scarves peeking out.  If you're super neat and particular (or don't have many scarves), then you could only use one scarf per pocket and tuck it inside some!

Here is the final result and I couldn't be more elated with the results of my scarf organization project!  Ladies, it took me less than an hour and less than $10 to completely transform and organize 40 scarves!! 

I wish I would have purchased this fabric organizer since it has extra wide pockets!  Or you could try this clear organizer if you wanted to see your scarves.  Also, if you don't have a standard size door, this organizer comes with different sized hooks! Or, if you love Target as much as I do, you can order this organizer online and pick it up in stores! 

I would LOVE for you to try this easy and simple way to organize scarves and let me know how it worked for you!  Share some pictures of your completed scarf organization project!!  

Thanks for stopping by!

💓- Ashley

Lash Serum

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.  Please see my disclosures here .
Let's chat a little about LASHES! If you've been following me, then you know I love everything about the Grande Line. The lash serum is seriously AMAZING! It is all natural, vegan, and has made my lashes SO long! Oh, and it is Ophthalmologist tested & approved!
I have sensitive eyes and have had NO reactions to this! Half the price of other serums out there!
My mascaras are buy one get one half off! So you can grab 2 mascaras for about $7!!! I love all three of these mascaras! The blue one on the right is the BEST waterproof mascara OUT! (commissioned links)
Lash serum:
Falsies (left):
Volumie (middle):
Extreme, waterproof (right):

It's Okay to Not be Okay

I want to tell you that it's okay to not be okay..

There will be days where you give and give and give some more.  Some days when you go to work, and give all that you have to your patients, and they scream at you.  And then you come home, exhausted, defeated, and all you want is your little one to embrace you.. But she's had a bad day, too.. and screams at you, too.  And you know what?  It's okay to cry.  And it's okay to not be okay.  Just for that moment.

I want to tell you that it's okay to not be okay..

I know who you are.  The stay-at-home mama who is trying to find herself again.  You try and you try.. but somehow can't find her.  So you grab a pair of old jeans, hoping that will fit, and that will help.  But you can't button them.. and you cry.  And it's okay to not be okay.

I want to tell you that it's okay to not be okay..

You're a wife, a mom, and the ruler of the house.  You keep appointments aligned. You keep the refrigerator stocked.  You keep the kids clean.  You keep everyone's belly full.  You know where every missing lego, every missing shoe, and every missing sock is.  You have tiny arms clinging to your leg as you try to prepare a meal.  You are grateful.  You are blessed.  But you need a break.  And it's okay to not be okay.

I want to tell you that it's okay to not be okay..

I know who you are.  The last of your friends to get engaged.  Heck, you don't even have a serious boyfriend!  Being a bridesmaid at your best friend's wedding.. without a plus one.  Feeling so happy for your friend, but so defeated for yourself.  And it's okay to not be okay.

Just for that moment.  Things will get better.  Summer will come and bring out the warm sunshine.  Your babies will sleep through the night.  You will get back into those pair of jeans (or find an even better mom jean that fit you just right).   You'll find yourself again.  It's not the same person that you once were, but you're SO much better.

Take those brief moments when things aren't okay.  Know that you're not alone.  Those defeating moments..they won't last forever.  Stay strong.  Stay brave.  Stay fierce.

Stay strong, Mama!

Easter Tiered Tray Decor

Easter Tiered Tray Decor

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience.  Please read my disclosures here.

I absolutely LOVE decorating my tiered tray.  It is one of my most favorite things to do!  I mean, you can change it up EVERY season/holiday and make it WHATEVER you want!  Today, I am showing you my Easter tiered tray decor!  I found this two-tiered tray at my local craft store, and I cannot find one like it.  However, I found a three-tiered tray that is super similar!  I also found this similar and metal two-tiered tray that would look super cute, as well!

The one thing that I really NEEDED to add under my tiered tray was this burlap ruffled placemat.  Sometimes, my little girl would move the tiered tray around, and it was scratching my table.  So I HIGHLY recommend that you put something under your tiered tray; especially if you have little ones around.  This burlap ruffled placemat fit perfectly and adds such a cute little flare! 

Here is an closer look at the top of the tiered tray!  I got the eggs from the Dollar Store and the vase and tulip from the Dollar Spot at Target.  The little clear gravy boat was a gift from my sister when she went to Ireland!  The carrots and bunnies are from At Home! 

Here is a closer look at the bottom of my tiered-tray!  Again, I got the eggs from the Dollar Store, the bunnies and carrots from At Home, and the tulips, vases and that little house from Target.

My recommendation for purchasing items to decorate your tiered tray is to buy two of everything that you're getting!  I try to at least have two of the same thing on the tray.  The exception is if the item is REALLY large, like the house.  I only have one of those.  Remember, you have at least two tiers to decorate!

Also,. unrelated to the Easter tiered tray decor; I LOVE these driftwood hard placemats that I found!  They are super nice, especially for hot plates/drinks and they hold up SO nicely.  

Also, here is a little Easter chalkboard art for ya!  It was super simple to do.. I just did the bunny free hand and made a little cotton tail.  I just used regular small sticks of chalk!

I got this magnetic chalk board and attached it with these command hanging strips!  SO easy!  I placed four command strips to hold this and it has been holding up since the fall!  I love that it is magnetic, as well.  When this is not in use for decorating, I put important flyers or invitations on it!  Highly recommend this chalk board!  It is probably one of the most used items in my house!  You can add a chalkboard to ANY place in your house!!

I hope that this has inspired you for your Easter decor!  If you have any questions, please let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!