What to Wear to an Interview - Numerous Styles

What to Wear to an Interview

"First impressions are the most lasting." -Proverbs

I have conducted hundreds of interviews in my 6 year career of being in middle management. And boy, have I seen it ALL when it comes to people coming in for an interview.  I have also been on numerous interviews, myself, including higher-level/executive interviews.  Thus, I thought I needed to share my information about what to wear to an interview, and other items needed to prepare!

A little bit of background about me, I have been a nurse for almost ten years!  (I seriously cannot believe that it has been TEN years.. I feel old. REAL old).  I have my MSN/MBA and I am also certified in Medical/Surgical Nursing.  Before going casual, I was what you would call an assistant nurse manager.  I had patient care duties, but also administration duties, as well.  It really was the best of both worlds. I am here to try to ease your mind and help you through the interview process, starting with what to wear!!

If you're going into a professional career, like nursing, then I suggest you sticking with the top two looks.  I highly recommend that you invest in a good suit jacket.  I am sure that shortly into your nursing career, that you will be joining committees, and possibly presenting.  Having a good suit jacket really helps!

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1. Super-Polished/ Professional Look- with Pants

Very early in my nursing career, I was going on an interview, but felt like my suit was too "stuffy".  So I asked my sister if I could wear a nice top and black pants.  My sister replied:  "Is your interview going to be at a park?!  If the answer is no, then you need to wear a suit.  Even then, you should probably wear a suit anyways, and sweat it out."  BEST. ADVICE. EVER!  Seriously, you CANNOT go wrong with a classic black suit!  You also do NOT have to spend a TON of money on a suit.  I typically like to wear suit separates.  My suit below is a suit I've had for probably 8 years and is a suit separate.  If you have a nice pair of black pants; chances are if you grab a suit jacket, it will fit!

 2. Super-Polished/ Professional Look - with a Dress/Skirt

Some people feel more comfortable and feminine in a suit with a skirt.  I, typically, stick with the pants suit option.  However, a skirt suit can also be professional and look very nice!  It it whatever you are most comfortable in.  This is actually a simple black pencil dress paired with the same suit jacket from above. I added a little interest with the leopard pump.  However, you could also change those out for black or nude pumps. 

                                                  Suit Jacket | Suit Skirt  |  Tank  | Pumps | Necklace

3. Casual-Feeling | Comfortable Look

So if you are going on a formal interview, and/or this is your first interview.  I wouldn't suggest this outfit.  I would stick with the top two.  However, sometimes there are networking events, where you go out for lunch or meet at a meeting, and talk about next steps.  More or less a pseudo-interview.  If you're going to something like that, then I would suggest this!  Also, if you're going to an event prior to your start date; like a breakfast/brunch/HR type of event, then THIS is your outfit.  This is a simple knit blazer with ankle pants.  I love knit blazers because they look polished, but are still comfortable, and NOT stuffy!

4. Fashionable Look

Here is a look that you can do if you plan on a going for a retail or fashion interview.  I am a huge fan of blazer for interviews.  I think that blazers just give a more polished and professional look.  No matter what you're interviewing for!  If you are being interviewed for a position that you are giving fashion advice, then you could go a little bold and get fashionable with your attire.  A striped knit blazer is a great way to make a HUGE impact, while still looking professional. 

5. Edgy Look

Just being transparent, I have never wore this to an interview.  However, this would be great for someone who is interviewing for a job that requires to be a little edgier; like a nightclub manager or bartender.  This would also be good for a fashion interview, if you're feeling a little hip!  Again, this could also be worn to a meet-and-greet for your new employer, if it is in a casual setting!

6. Men's Interview Look

Guys, I didn't want to leave you out!!  Here is a look for you!  Blue suits are super popular right now!  I highly suggest that you invest in a good suit.  You can get SO much use out of it!  Sometimes, my husband just wears a suit jacket with jeans for a sport coat look!  Also, three button suits are OUT!  Make sure that you only have two buttons on your suits.  I recommended a suit with stretch in it to my husband, and now he LOVES them!  Suits can be super stuffy and hard to move in.  Getting a stretch suit is a great alternative!!

I hope that you found what to wear to an interview with this post!  Make sure that you are following along to read more interviewing tips!

Thanks for stopping by!

💓- Ashley

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