JORD Watch Giveaway!

JORD Watch Giveaway!

Ekkk!  I am SO excited to be teaming up with JORD Watches to be gifting one of my followers $100 off one of these amazing wood watches!  All you have to do is enter here!  BONUS.. EVERYONE who enters will receive a 10% off coupon!!  How amazing is that?!  

These watches SHIP FREE and all have a 1-year warranty!  These are made with different types of wood including bamboo, maple, rosewood, walnut, ebony and more.  I wish that I had an Apple watch.. because they have amazing wood Apple watchbands.  Seriously, you should check them out.

I was so impressed by the quality of these wood watches.  They are SO lightweight and I love the oversized face of this watch!  Hello, GORGEOUS!! There are styles for men AND women!

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Seriously, how amazing does this look with this casual outfit?!  This is the Cassia in Ebony & Sable style and I LOVE it!  So lightweight, and the face is oversized!

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How to Pack for the Beach with Toddlers

How to Pack for the Beach with Toddlers

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If you've ever been to the beach with a toddler.. then you know that it should be an Olympic sport.  No, seriously.. Why is it so exhausting?!  In particular.. my toddler doesn't like the sand TOO much.. you know.. the soft sand 😜.  So we had to carry her to the hard sand.  Also, I had to change her NUMEROUS times.. One day.. she had SEVEN outfit changes.. SEVEN!  Since I just went to the beach... I wanted to share my knowledge/experience and give you a list of how to pack for the beach with toddlers in tow!

1. Shade! 

Holy moly.. we just went to New Jersey and boy was it HOT!  I mean.. way TOO hot!  The one day was really nice because there was a lot of breeze.  But the second day.. NO breeze at all.  I highly recommend some sort of shade for the the little babe.. and you.  I got a pop-up tent a couple years ago and it was worth EVERY penny.  It packs up small into a disc, and it easy to fold!  

I also got this universal shade umbrella  that literally can hook onto almost anything for instant shade.  It is compact and was awesome.  (However, it was really windy one day, and it move with the wind.  So just be aware of that.)  

Both of these are really affordable.  If you had to buy just one thing.. I would recommend the tent.  Like I stated, I had to change my toddler numerous times.  And it was nice to give her some privacy and a sand-free zone to do that.  It also was nice to place all of our bags and things it.  My toddler also ate lunch in it.  So it was well worth it!

2.  A Table!

You probably would have never thought to pack a table for the beach.  However, I've had this beach table  for six years and I have used it SO much!  My brother-in-law was so impressed with it the first year I brought it; that I bought one for him.  EVERY year, he states that it is one of his favorite things!  This beach table is so portable, and hardly takes up ANY space (it comes with it's own carrying case and folds up to HALF its size).  It also has adjustable legs.  So you can make it short and as a side table wit your beach chairs.. OR make it a little taller.  This function was really nice for my toddler to eat lunch and color at!  

(Don't mind the wonky leg of the table in the picture.. I accidentally kicked it when I was standing up to take the picture.  It is VERY sturdy!!)

Here is a picture of the beach table with the legs short.  It is PERFECT for beach chairs!!  Like I said, I've had this for six years and it is holding up SO nicely!!

3. Beach chairs!!

I mean.. how much are you REALLY going to be sitting?!  Probably NOT much.. BUT when you do.. you want a comfy beach chair!  I HIGHLY recommend you buying your beach chairs now and then bringing them with you, if you can.  If you want to try and buy them at the beach, it will be SO expensive.  Seriously, like $90/chair.  And that's just crazy.  They aren't the WORST to pack.  We put them on the bottom and packed all of the bags and stuff on top!  No biggie. 

I also recommend grabbing a beach chair for your toddler!  It was really nice to have for her when she wanted to take a break, color, and eat lunch!!

4. A Portable Fan

So I was dubbed the "Gadget Mom" on this vacation.  I can't help it... I just LOVE things that make life easier!  This portable fan was SO awesome!  I only put it on when my little girl was napping, but BOY was it nice!  I have also had this for a couple of years and it worked great.  The fan runs off of (2) D-batteries and works great!

The fan is in the corner there!  It comes in a little box and barely takes up any room in a bag!

5. An Anti-Sand Beach Mat!

Have you ever seen these anti-sand beach mats before?!  They are SO cool!! The sand goes THROUGH the mat, so it doesn't stay on.  I really liked to "add" this to the end of our tent.  It allowed our little one some free space that she could walk.  Again, because she didn't so much like the sand on her feet.  This was a great alternative!!  This was the first year that we used one, and I was well pleased!!  If you don't get this one, just make sure that it comes with pins.  The one I got, did NOT come with pins and it was kind of a pain.. but I just used some of the tent pins to pin it down. 

6. Baby Wipes!

I don't know how many baby wipes I went through.. but it was A LOT!  Just save yourself the hassle and keep the pack in your beach bag.  You will thank me later.  Again.. the whole sandy feet thing was a problem.. so I was wiping sandy feet with the baby wipes!  

7. A Cooler!

I seen a lot of people with HUGE coolers, being pulled via wagon.  I mean, we already had  SO much stuff, that a super LARGE cooler wasn't necessary!  But a cooler is a MUST in the warm weather.  I used a cooler like this, but it is kind of expensive.  Here is a cooler that is similar size, but a fraction of the price. Also, don't forget your ice packs!!

8 & 9. A Good Book and Great Accessories

Let's be honest.. unless your kid LOVES the sand and isn't so active.. there probably WON'T be a lot of time for your to read.  I don't know about you.. but my pre-baby self LOVED to read books on the beach.  I think my maximum number of books read a week at the beach was five!  I would just sit there, enjoying the ocean waves, getting tan, and reading a book.  Ohhh... memories!  I did have a few moments to read.. but I didn't even finish one book this year.  That is a-okay with me.  I have a super happy and active kiddo and I am grateful for that.  However, if you want a motivating, awesome book to bring.. you have to get this one.  It's made up of small short stories about magical motherhood moments.  Very relate-able and very moving.  

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10. A Great Bathing Suit!

I don't know about you.. but my bathing suits have changed throughout the years!  I went from bikini competitor (itty bitty bikini), to gaining 50 pounds with my pregnancy and taking 2 years to recover from my c-section (full coverage, ginormous), to now (stylish and fun).  You can read all about my ebbs and flows with my weight here. Grab a great suit that YOU feel good in and MAKE those memories!!! 

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I hope that you found some awesome tips and gadgets for how to pack for the beach with toddlers!  I know that I had so much fun at the beach and SO much fun making this post for you!  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop them below! 

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