At-Home workout Video I use!

Ladies, I have done pretty much every at-home workout that could be purchased..for a long time. Does anyone know Billy Blanks? (His one workout video came out in 2004..😲).

After having Addi, I found this workout DVD set on Amazon and it was under $20! It also had a cordless jump rope! I figured I would give it a try to see how I liked it! I am here to tell you that I purchased this in January 2017 and STILL do the workouts today!
The workouts are 25-40 minutes and they are done in groups/intervals for 30-60 seconds. They also have a modifier for beginners (I was absolutely a beginner when I started). I figured... Hey I can do this for 30 seconds.. and kept pushing until the next minute. And before I realized, I finished the whole workout!
Also, I usually work out at night.. Whenever everyone is asleep.  What time do you workout?!

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