Do You Date Your Spouse?

Do you Date Your Spouse?!

Do you "date" your spouse?? I used to think that was silly when I was younger, not married and without kids when someone said they "dated" their spouse! I guess I was just naive and didn't understand what it really meant.  However, now that I have been married for 4 years, and have a small child, I know realize how important it is to date your spouse.  Even if it is just for a quick dinner, by ourselves, it is nice to get away and just have time to ourselves.  (Even though we mostly talk about the little one).

We recently went to a college football game and had a blast!  It started raining, and we were running around the city, getting to our car, in the pouring rain!   It was so much fun!!!

Have you ever gone an entire day and not even really look at your spouse?  Not even realize what they had on?  I'm guilty for that and need to fix it ASAP!  It's so very hard with the busyness of life and how hectic it could be.  Let me know your date night ideas!

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