How to Style a Blanket Ladder for Decoration

Since taking pictures of my sweet girl in her "picture chair".  I realized that I needed something else behind it!  I saw a cute blanket ladder and realized that I could use that as a focal point behind the chair!  I saw a cute 4 foot ladder, and once I measured, realized that was way too small.  Can you believe that this is a 6 foot ladder?!  I couldn't believe it!!  

I am also going to continue to decorate this ladder for each of the seasons!  I am thinking about lighted garland for Christmas, eggs around Easter, and different felt banners for other seasons!

Here is the before and after with what I had before the ladder, and after the decorated ladder!!  I couldn't love this MORE!!!

The little took this picture of her precious teddy bear!  She set him in the chair, made him say "cheese", and hit the button on my phone!!!  I think she is loving the ladder, too!!

What do you guys think?

Thanks for stopping by!


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