How to Lose Postpartum Weight- From Bikini Competitor Winner to Now

How to Lose Postpartum Weight

Everyone asks me for fitness/diet-related tips!  I have to tell you, I am not a professional when it is related to weight loss.  I am simply a nurse and, now, a mama! 

Just a little background, when I became a nurse, I gained a quick 25 pounds!  This was due to the fact that I did not party during school and I could finally go out!  I hired a local trainer to help me, and she is absolutely amazing!  She helped me feel confident, and lose that weight. 

Then, a few years later, I decided to do a bikini show!  I recently completed my double-master's degree, so I guess I needed a new "challenge".  I got the nutrition part from my trainer's partner!  It was a rigorous 20-week prep.  But I did it!!  I won first place in novice, and second place in open!  It was an amazing accomplishment!  (If you're wanting to compete in a show, make sure that you hire a professional for your nutrition and training.  I couldn't have done it without my team).  

Fast forward to my pregnancy, and I gained 50 pounds!  50 pounds!!! I wasn't allowed to workout due to my heart rate and blood pressure.  So this was a major adjustment.. Going from working out very rigorously, to sedentary.  It was hard.. very hard!  Do you want to know a secret... I gained 70 pounds from my show weight!  7-0!   My body literally gained 70 pounds in three years.  Wow!  How do you go from a bikini show winner to being grossly overweight (and pregnant), and not even able to walk on a treadmill for 20 minutes?

I am now back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  But it took two full years! And things are still weird.  Like I can't wear my old jeans.  That is a-okay with me!  I found even more awesome jeans that I love!

So I'm sure you're all wondering how I did it, and what magic pill I took?  Unfortunately, there is none!  I have no real secret!  I just tried to eat healthy, including all food groups, and moved my body on most days!  I eat pizza mostly every week, and still eat ice cream and fries with the little one. Consistency is key.  However, I do have some major pointers on how to lose postpartum weight.

What helped me the most was getting an updated fitness tracker.  I use the Fitbit Blaze and absolutely love it!

It would show me how many days I did (or didn't) workout, and push me to ensure that I would at least go for a walk!

I also purchased this video set that changed my life!  The workouts are only 30 monites and intervals are only 30 seconds!!  I modified.. A LOT.. but I kept at it.

If  I didn't have time for a full workout; I would Youtube workout videos and use 3 lb weights!  This way, I could do a different workout everyday!  Sometimes, I would throw in a workout video and "jump" with the little one.  Other days, I would go for a walk with her.  Now-a-days, I turn on music and we have "dance parties".  Whatever it is.. I try to move and make sure my little is having fun, too!!

Some pointers for postpartum weight loss: 

1. Stay consistent
2. Move your body on most days
3. Eat a variety of healthy foods (do not restrict a food group)
4.  Use a fitness tracker to motivate and keep yourself honest
5. Give yourself time
6.  Be kind to yourself
7. Make sure you incorporate rest days
8. Eat the pizza (or the cake), and get back on track the next day
9. Celebrate what your body can DO and not what it CANNOT
10.  Listen to your body (if you're not feeling well, or something is feeling funny during a workout.. STOP!)

I also know that people are wondering what I eat during most days!  My diet is not perfect, let me tell you!!

Breakfast- Greek yogurt with strawberries
Snack- Banana and handful of cashews (or candy if I'm at work.. if I'm being honest)
Lunch- Large salad with veggies, fruit (and croutons.. can't give those up), Italian dressing, and roll
Afternoon snack- Strawberries (probably more candy) or popcorn
Dinner- Pasta/pizza/ hoagies/ chicken and veggies.. Whatever we, as a family, are having

I also try to drink a lot of water!  The main word is TRY!  I drink a lot of coffee and diet pepsi.  (I told you I am not a professional).

This is what worked for me and my weight loss journey!  Make little changes, they CAN and WILL make a HUGE impact!

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*Make sure you consult a physician before starting any exercise or workout program. Again, I am not a professional and simply stating my personal tips for my weight loss.
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