Best Coffee Mugs for Mamas!

Best Coffee Mug for Mamas

I'm waving the white flag today.  The sweetest girl was up many times during the night and finally woke up at 430am, for the morning!  I am thankful I get to be with her today, and will get extra cuddles since we're both exhausted.  

If you see me today, I'll most likely be in my pajamas, with coffee in hand, probably a cupcake in the other.. but definitely coffee.

However, lets talk about the best coffee cup for mamas!  It would be this Tervis coffee mug WITH A LID!  I am way TOO nervous to have hot coffee around the little one.  So I always use a lid on my coffee cups.  Also, I can heat my coffee up.. you know.. 3 times or so during the day!

Nurse Tervis mug: 

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