Halloween Fun!

Meet Shrek and his donkey!!  Shrek just happened to be on the television a couple months ago, so we decided to let her watch it.  She has been obsessed with him ever since!!!  I kept on asking her what she wanted to dress up as, at it was ALWAYS Shrek!  I asked if she wanted to be Princess Fiona.. NOPE!  Shrek!!  So Shrek we were!!  Even though, I think only one person really could properly identify her without us telling them!  That is okay!  Here is her with her ogre roar!

 Safety first!  You need to make sure that Shrek and his donkey all have glow sticks on!  Poor little donkey!

We lasted about an hour and then she wanted to come home and hand out candy to the other kids!  I love seeing all the kiddos dressed up!  Some outfits are SO creative!!  What were your kiddos dressed up as?  Let me know below!

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