More About Myself!

More about Myself

Hello everyone!!! I've realized that I haven't shared much about myself, and I do apologize for that!! 

My name is Ashley and I created this page/blog because I am the ultimate online deal finder! I also think that when you look fabulous, you feel fabulous!  (My best friend also gently nudged me on this point!  Thank you to her for making this happen!) 

I am a nurse (of almost 10 years) and still work at the bedside, despite having a double master's degree. (Some people, especially ones I am caring for, find it strange for some reason that I have a master's degree but I am at the bedside..) I stepped down from the management world over the summer because I found it too challenging to devote my time at home and at work. I love helping and taking care of people. I also teach online in an RN-BSN program! LOVE shaping mind's of nurses!

I'm married to my wonderful husband, Leo! He's the one that has me promote more things for the guys! Together, we have one daughter, Addison. She is feisty, smater than a whip, and keeps us on our toes! But we just adore her!

I'm also an identical twin, who is also a nurse! She has a "son" named Victor, the pig! So, yeah, my nephew is a pig! She treats that little piggy better than some humans!

Whew, I didn't think I would be this long-winded!

Also, I LOVE to SHARE my SUCCESS! That means, I can do more GIVEAWAYS!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and following me! I appreciate your support more than you will ever know!

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♥️- Ashley

**Picture taken by the amazingly talented E.G. Photography! Make sure you check her out!**

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