Preworkout Supplements for Beginners | Fitness Fridays 1st edition

Preworkout Supplements for Beginners| BCAAs

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Fitness Friday with Coffee and Hugs- 1st edition! 
Today I will be talking about preworkout supplements for beginngers, and the benefits of BCAAs.

I get a lot of questions regarding preworkout supplements. Typically, I just drink a cup of coffee as as preworkout. This gives me enough energy to complete my workout. However, there are times that I need a little extra kick, so I will use a preworkout. The one that I currently have and really like is ON Amino Energy (blue raspberry). This one is SO good! They also have SO many different fun flavors. (commissioned links)

If you just want to try it; there are a 6-pack of sticks available for not a whole lot:

Also, this particular one has BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) in them. {BCAA supplements have been shown to build muscle, decrease muscle fatigue, and help with muscle soreness.}

So, I will use this if I know I will have a super tough workout/lifting session. Or even AFTER a hard workout. I "repaired" a partially torn tricep tendon with physical therapy, rest, and stringent BCAA supplementation many years ago.

Here is an article related to BCAAs:

**Please note that typical preworkouts have caffeine in them (sometimes a lot of caffeine). I typically HALF the recommended dose for the first couple times of consuming, to see how my body reacts to it.**

**Also, please consult your physician before taking any supplementation to ensure that there are no drug interactions and if you should be taking them.

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