Small Changes for Weight Loss | Fitness Fridays 3rd edition

Small Changes for Weight Loss

Fitness Fridays with Coffee and Hugs- 3rd edition!

Today I am talking about SMALL, LIFESTYLE changes that can make a BIG difference!

**I woke up like this. Literally, got out of bed and snapped a picture for you guys. It's not the best, I have no makeup on, and didn't brush my hair. Also, my abs are not the most ripped they've ever been, but I am proud of where I am today**

Do small changes that you can do in the long run, that will make a BIG difference! If you are on a diet that won't let you eat a specific food group, that is not sustainable!

The goal for next week should be to change ONE small thing and do it for an entire week. (These are all things that I have done to lose weight and get to where I am today). Some examples are:

Suggestions for Small Changes: 

1. Changing salad dressings! Do you eat ranch or bleu cheese? Swap that out for a balsamic vinegar or Italian dressing.

2. Snack healthier! I am ALL about snacks, but try to swap them for healthier options. Swap those for an apple, a cheese stick, or a handful of almonds/cashews! I would eat baked chips in the afternoon. While they were still baked, they're still not good. Now I eat an apple with peanut butter!

3. Don't drink your calories! If you drink a lot of sodas and juices, limit them to one a day. Or grab a flavored sparkling water and stop drinking them, all together!

4. Move your body! If you're sitting at a desk all day. Try to get up every hour and move around. Walk around the office/unit/ or up the stairs! If you're at home, walk up and down the stairs every hour!

5. Pack your lunch! You will save money AND calories! Pack a healthy lunch and eat it! I used to eat pizza or nachos at the hospital cafeteria for lunch. Not only is is expensive, it was also derailing my weight loss! Now I pack a large salad and eat that everyday for lunch!!

Here is an article about 10 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting -->

I promise if you stick to small, healthy changes, you will consume less calories, burn more calories and lose weight. Also, these are ALL things that I have done that helped me lose weight!

What do you think? What will you try to do next week?

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