The Benefits of Cheat Meals During a Diet |Fitness Fridays 4th edition

The Benefits of Cheat Meals During a Diet

Today I'm going to talk about CHEATS! 😳 I know, I know.. This is probably not something you were expecting to read, but hear me out.. There are many benefits of cheat meals during a diet.

Cheat meals can be very beneficial while dieting. It can actually HELP with losing weight, it can help with mental clarity, and it can help you regain healthy balance with LIFE!

Remember this when you need a cheat, it is SO true!  I used to say this to myself when I had a really big cheat meal and beat myself up!  But that is OKAY!!

Now let's get into the benefits of a cheat meal:

1. It can help with losing weight! 

My trainer I was working with, during my bikini competition prep, never called it a "cheat meal", but rather a "re-feed". I could take a couple hours and eat WHATEVER I wanted. But then I had I had to go back to my diet. I did this EVERY week leading up to my competition. Guess what? I LOST weight!

The logic is this. When you are dieting, you are probably eating the same foods each and every day. Well after a while, your body is going to say "okay, I'm only going to burn x amount of calories, because that is what you give me." So when you give your body a "cheat" it has to work in overdrive because its not used to this, and jumpstart your metabolism, and burning more calories!

I only recommend a "cheat" or "re-feed" once you have been dieting a couple weeks and have seen the scale shift (negatively).  If you haven't lost weight yet (and that is your goal), then stay on your diet for another week and THEN refeed.  (Unless, that is, you REALLY need it for your mental health.  More on that next...)

2. It can help with mental clarity!

Quite simply, sometimes eating a donut is good for the soul. It HELPS, okay!? Comfort foods are there for a reason.. because they provide comfort! However, this is an instance where you eat ONE donut, and then continue dieting. I didn't say it is okay to eat a whole half dozen donuts! Sometimes your body needs sugar and carbs, especially if you have been dieting and working out very hard! Listen to your body!

3. It can help with a positive/ healthy balance with LIFE!

Save your cheat meal so you can enjoy (numerous) cookies at a wedding! (Literally, had SO many weddings to attend to when I was doing my competition). Go out to a movie and eat popcorn, go on a date night with your spouse, eating the waffles in the morning with your kid.

It is LIFE.. it is meant to be ENJOYED! Is it really worth starving yourself? It took me a very long time to come with this healthy relationship and balance with food. But really, are you being PAID to be so restrictive with eating?! If the answer is no, then give yourself some grace and eat the donut..

Tips for after your cheat/refeed meal:

1. Get back to your clean meals (don't derail you progress by having your cheat meal, become a cheat week!)
2. Try to do fasted cardio for your next workout.  (I would use all of those carbs/energy into my workout the next morning.)
3.  Eat a super clean meal for the next meal.  Try an veggie egg white scrambler the next morning.
4. Don't dwell on it.  Enjoy it, savor it, and move on!  Because if you were very depleted, then your body probably NEEDED it!

I really hope that you enjoyed this post today! I truly believe that you can have a happy, healthy life with balance and moderation.
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❤️- Ashley

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**Please consult your doctor before starting any diet or exercise routine. Also, I am not a personal trainer or dietitian; just a busy mom who has lived in the fittest and not-so-fittest of shoes; and have lived this. This advice is also taken from numerous articles and personal experiences.

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