Casual Valentine's Day Outfit- How to Style a Graphic Tee 3 Ways

How to Style a Graphic Tee 3 Ways

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My love for graphic tees goes deep! I love how festive they can be, and how you can wear them many ways!  I started my love for graphic tees on Jane.  It started with a Harvard Law, Just Kidding graphic tee.. and it hasn't stopped since.  Fall is in the air? There's a graphic tee for that.  Thanksgiving?  You know it!  Christmas and holidays.. OHHH yeah!

Also, if you haven't even shopped at Jane.. then you need to start.  It is an online marketplace that has deals for only 3 days.  Ohhh and the prices, CRAZY good!  Also, you don't know if a boutique is going to resell that particular item, again.  Most of the times, they do.  But you don't know when.  So I just buy it!  I have made well over 100 purchases on Jane and have only had to return 1 item.

You can search all of the graphic tees on Jane here!  They have some pretty incredible ones right now!  So.  Darn.  Excited!

So the reason for this post is to show you a couple different ways to wear a graphic tee.  I wear them under a blazer, or denim jacket.  Put it on over top of a dress, or wear it with a skirt.  The opportunities are endless, my friend!  You can also see my post how I styled a blazer numerous ways (two of them are with graphic tees!) here.

Without further ado, I will show you how you can style a graphic tee 3 different ways.  Please comment below on which look you like best.. 1, 2, or 3??

Look 1: Super Casual

The first look is a casual look that I wore my black butter denim, Muk Luk booties, and a plaid top! Have you even worn butter denim?!  They are called butter denim because they are AS SOFT AS BUTTER!  Seriously, so stretchy so SOFT!  They are under $40 (with free shipping and returns). Seriously, I LOVE them!  Size down one size.

Also, my boots are on MAJOR sale right now.  These are perfect for fall and winter as they are water resistant and WARM!

Look 2: Flirty with a Skirt and Denim Jacket

The second look is paired with a pleated skirt, denim jacket, and leopard pumps!  I love how this would be a great date night look.  Super cute, edgy, and FUN! 

Look 3: Polished Yet Casual

The final look is using the same denim jacket.  But swapping out the skirt for red pants and wedge booties!  This would be perfect for a work look.  You could swap the denim jacket for a blazer, if needed!!

What do you guys think!?  What is your favorite look?  I would love for you to vote here!  Also, if you needed some more inspo.. I did a post regarding how to style a blazer numerous ways.. and it shows 2 more graphic tee looks.  You can check it out here.

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