Warby Parker At Home Try On + New Spring Frames

Warby Parker At Home Try On!

Here is a video of me completing my Warby Parker at home try on!  I am showing you how EASY it is to do! 

Have you heard of Warby Parker? If you have, they released awesome NEW frames AND frame colors! Have you seen these PEARL and BLOSSOM pearl frames?! Ahhh.. OBSESSING!

If you haven't.. it is a pretty cool store. You can get a COMPLETE pair of eyeglasses, starting at only $95! It includes scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, and UV-protected lenses AND your frames (some frames are a little more expensive.. like $145). Men and women glasses are in the store!
Also, MOST insurances are accepted! You can even use your Health Savings Account!
The BEST part! You can do this completely ONLINE!! They have a FREE at home try- on program. You select 5 frames you want to try on. They send it to you in a box with your 5 frames in them. You try them on to see which ones you like best. Place the frames back into the box and affix the label. And then your drop that box in the mailbox!
If you found a winner, you just go online and order the glasses you like!! SO easy!!

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Browse awesome frames here! --> http://shrsl.com/1fg01

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