Fitness Fridays -- Sports Bras

Sports Bras

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1. Core 10  | 2. Tek Gear  | 3. Champion  | 4. Nike  | 5. Nike  | 6. Syrokan | 7. Gaiam | 8. Champion 

Happy Friday!!  I'm taking a step away from the fitness tips, and talking about SPORTS BRAS!  Ladies, you know if you don't have a good sports bra, and you're trying to work it.. it just doesn't work!  So today, I will be talking about different sports bras and which ones work best with different workouts!!

Sports Bras are described by the impact in which your activity you will be doing.  Most likely, low impact, medium impact, or high impact!  If you are blessed with a larger chest, then I would recommend at least a medium impact sports bras.  Those girls need support!

I wear a sports bra everyday.  Being a nurse, and all the physical aspects of nursing, it is just easier for me to wear a sports bra.  I wear #3 all day at work, and even when working out!  It is my absolute FAVORITE!

Low Impact

Low impact sports bras are for those activities that are more low impact!  Yoga and Pilates are great examples of where you would want a low impact sports bra.  Also, if you like gentle walking in the neighborhood or treadmill, you could get away with it.

1. Core 10
2. Tek Gear

Medium Impact 

I love medium impact sports bras!  I am not the thinnest person around and feel like the high impact squeezes my extra skin and gives we weird lumps.  So I wear medium impact!  I wear this Champion sports bra every day!  They hold up well in the wash, and hold my girls in!!  I wear this for running and lifting!

3. Champion 
4. Nike 

High Impact

High impact sports bras are for those activities that the girls will be bouncing a little bit more.  Running or boxing is a great example of more high impact activities.  My sister, Lindsay, is a marathon runner and wears these Nike sports bras to run.
5. Nike 
6. Syrokan 


Sometimes you just want to wear something cute.  Am I right?!  Also, I don't know about you.. but I just sit around in my workout clothes hoping that it will motivate me to work out.  So strappy sports bras are for YOU!  They have various degrees of impact, so you will have to see if you can go running in them!
7:  Gaiam 
8. Champion 

I hope that you found a great sports bra for whatever activity you choose!  Thanks for stopping by!

💓- Ashley


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