Layered Blazer Outfits

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I *may* have a slight obsession with my striped knit blazer!  There is NO denying it!! I also love to have one piece of clothing that I can wear numerous times!  So here I have rounded up a couple different and unique options for awesome layered blazer outfits!

Look 1:  Layered with a Hoodie and Sneakers

This may be my absolute favorite layered blazer look!  So absolutely comfortable with a hoodie and sneakers, but then chic with the blazer!  Here is the ultimate layered look!!  I used an old hoodie that I have, but linked similar ones for you!

Look 2:  Layered with a Belt and Pumps

There's no denying that I love these under $50 pumps!  I loved them so much, that I did an entire blog post about them!  You can read it here!  So here I paired the blazer with shorts, pumps, and a leopard belt!  A little bit of pattern mixing never hurt anyone, right?! This would be an awesome outfit to wear to a happy hour or a night out!!

Look 3: Layered with a Chambray Shirt

This is SUCH another cool layering option!  Grab your favorite chambray shirt, and wear it under the knit blazer!  Grab some distressed crop, and those infamous pumps and you're ALL set!! 

Look 4:  Layered with your Favorite Graphic Tee

Here is another awesome layered blazer outfit!  This look is SUPER comfortable!  Stretchy jeans, stretchy blazer, a graphic tee, and sneakers!  How could you go wrong?!  This is a great option for going out shopping for the day!!

Also, my motto is "Choose Happy", so this graphic tee is my absolute FAVORITE!  You could also wear it for the holidays like Christmas and Valentine's Day!!

Look 5: With Knit Joggers and Pumps

If you're looking for a super comfortable work-appropriate outfit, then THIS is your outfit!! How could you go wrong with soft joggers and a knit blazer? You simply cannot!  Comfortable AND polished!

Look 6:  With Knit Joggers and Sneakers

While this isn't super layered.. I still put it in the layered blazer option! If your feet need a break from the pumps, just swap them out for some sneakers! Super comfortable from head-to-toe!!

Which look for you like best?!  With the pumps or the sneakers?!

Here are some awesome layered blazer outfits for you!  Which one is your favorite?!

Thanks for stopping by!

💓- Ashley

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