Happy 8th Birthday, Jane!

Happy Birthday, Jane!!

This post contains commissioned links for your shopping convenience.  Meaning if you click a link and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission, to probably purchase more items from Jane. Please see my disclosures here. 

If you've been following me for a while, you know that I have a deep love for Jane.com.  If you haven't been following me.. I have a deep love for Jane!  My husband joked and said that one of the happiest days of my life is when I got my affiliation with Jane.  He's not wrong! 

So Jane is an online boutique marketplace that has thousands of retailers that sell their merchandise, like the latest in women's fashion, home decor, and kid's items.  These boutiques are sometimes small business-owners, with handcrafted goods, selling on this site.  I love it because I get to support small businesses.  Also, they have the trendiest and most unique clothing ever!  If you stop me and ask me where I purchased something, it will most likely be from Jane.  I have made well over 100 personal purchases!  Also, the deals from Jane are only there for a few days.  With new arrivals arriving daily!  You can shop and look at something new every. single. day.  It is AMAZING! 

Jane is celebrating their 8th birthday this week!  Wow, 8 years!  That is truly remarkable!  I am so happy that I get to be a (very) small part of the Jane family!  And to celebrate, I am going to show you my top 8 purchases from Jane

(Please note that because these are past purchases, these may not be available right now.  However, you can check out all of the amazing deals on Jane here!) 

1. These amazing wide-leg palazzo pants!

Seriously, these are the cutest pants, EVER!   (I told ya they have the trendiest clothing!!).  They have a belted waist, are super soft, and the pretties pink color!!

Here is a little picture to make you laugh!  I mean, you can dress us up, and take us to a fancy country club to see the Easter bunny.. But my toddler will most likely have a meltdown and be on the floor.

At least, I am comfortable in my pink pants! 🤣🤣🤣.

2.  My FAVORITE striped tunic

If you've been following me for any length of time, then you should have seen me in this tunic.  It is from one of my favorite boutiques on Jane, Tickled Teal. Usually this tunic is less than $15 and comes in navy and black stripe!  Which I have both colors!! (I also have to disclose that the scarves jacket, and vest in this picture is also from Jane!) .  You can shop all of Tickled Teal on Jane here.  I find their clothing to be true to size.  

3. Our personalized Mickey Mouse graphic tees (and red polka dot earrings)

All of our tees, (with the exception of Addi's) are from Jane!  If you're going to Disney any time soon, you HAVE to check Jane out for some awesome Disney swag!  Personalized and cool!  There are new Disney-inspired items daily! We bought these for Addi's second birthday party since it was Mickey-themed!  We also purchased Addi's Mickey dress from Jane!

4. This under $20, one-shoulder jumpsuit

This one-shoulder jumpsuit is one of my MOST FAVORITE Jane find yet!  Can I tell you how hard it is to find a jumpsuit that fits, and doesn't give you a massive wedgie?  Oh wait, just me?!  Well, this one is super cute, is so soft, and I love the ruffled one shoulder!  It is a bit long on my 5'2 frame, but nothing that a little hem tape won't fix!

5.  The cutest yellow tassel earrings

Seriously, can these tassel earrings be any cuter?!  They are perfect for spring and summer!  Super lightweight, the color is perfection and I'm pretty sure they were less than $5!

6.  Addi's backpack 

This backpack has been a life-saver!  It is small enough to fit Addi's toddler frame, but big enough to fit her folder for school!  Also, I love the belted front to keep it in place!  I never thought that would be a thing, but it is!  Also, don't mind her hair.. it was crazy hair day at school and she was SUPER excited for it!

7.  This scalloped hem top

Is it just me or am I the only one who doesn't have many nice short-sleeved shirts?!  I have SO many sweaters and SO many tanks!  Sometimes you just need a dressy short-sleeved shirt!  Well, this one is great!  It is stretchy, doesn't hug around my mommy pooch, and the scallops are just adorable!!

8. Graphic Tees

My love for graphic tees all started with Jane!  They seriously have the funniest graphic tees I've ever seen!  Also, most of them are also handmade, so I love supporting those small businesses when I can!  One of my absolute favorites is this "Harvard Law.. Just Kidding" graphic tee!  I mean, I just can't!  It makes me laugh every time I wear it!

Also, my most pinned pin on Pinterest (say that three times fast) is how I styled this graphic tee for Valentine's Day three different ways!  This was the most favorite way to style it, when I polled my social media channels!

There are my TOP 8 finds from Jane to celebrate your birthday!

Thank you Jane, for being you.  And for allowing me this awesome opportunity to showcase all the amazing deals and finds I have found over the years!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Now let's eat some donuts and/or cake and SHOP!

Thanks for stopping by!

💗- Ashley

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