Morning Coffee for Weight Maintenance

Morning Coffee for Weight Maintenance

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Good morning!  This Fitness Friday I am going to be talking about one of my favorite things...COFFEE! So if you are newer around here.. my blog name is Coffee and Hugs.. because that is what I run on most days... ONLY coffee and hugs!! 

I get a TON of questions about my morning coffee and what I put into it!  Honestly, when I did my bikini competition, I had to cut all of my creamer in my coffee and the only thing allowed in my coffee was Truvia.  And while tolerable.. I enjoy my morning coffee and vanilla creamer. So I have been looking for creamers that aren't too horrible and without so many chemicals!  And found this!!

The ingredients are cream, nonfat milk, cane sugar and natural flavor!  A little bit goes a LONG way with this, as well!!  As you can tell, I like creamer.. and I like my coffee to be light.  You know, a little coffee with my creamer!  I also use Truvia in my coffee.  I should be using just sugar.. but I would use too much.  So I use Truvia!  You can use any green sweetener, called Stevia.  WalMart and Aldi has it too (I believe).

We're pretty serious about our morning coffee.  Even in Addi's Melissa & Doug wooden coffee set!

I do treat myself twice a month (or so) to a Dunkin Donut's French Vanilla Iced Coffee.  Oh my word.. it is good!  I get the full sugar.. with cream!  And it is just a treat!  Not an everyday coffee!  If you're going to grab a blended coffee numerous times a week, and you want to lose weight, then I would suggest that you try to cut back.  You would save money and calories!

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Also, my favorite container for my coffee are my Tervis coffee mugs!  With little hands around, it is a MUST to have something with a lid!  They have the cutest patterns/images on them and it makes me happy!!

This is just what has worked for me!  I am not a trainer, and I'm not quite sure if this would be trainer approved.  But I have come to the realization that life is all about BALANCE and being HAPPY.  If a little creamer makes you happy in your morning coffee then GO FOR IT!!!  Life is short.. live it happy, and with vanilla creamer!

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