Tired Mama Who Is Trying To Get Healthy--Tropical Fruit Smoothie

5 Minute Tired Mama Who Is Trying To Get Healthy Tropical Fruit Smoothie

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I don't know about you.. but these summers are making me ONE. TIRED. MAMA!  Whew!  And then eating?!  Wow, that has been horrible.  I mean, we've been having a blast.  But I definitely need to get back on track.  Before, I would just have cup of coffee and a banana and then call that a breakfast.  But that wasn't working.  So a smoothie it is!

So here is my 5-minute tropical smoothie for the tired mama who is trying to get healthy!  You can also swap out any of this if you have any allergies to things.  Don't like OJ?  Try apple juice, or take it out completely.  Don't want to use yogurt?  Use some almond milk instead.  You can also try and try in some chia seeds too!

I have been using this Ninja Blender/Chopping System to make my smoothies.  This is a blender, chopper, and food processor all in one!  Well, you get three different bowls and blades, and then the topper is the blender.  It has been absolutely FABULOUS.  I HIGHLY recommend this!

So all I do is throw in some frozen fruit (tropical blend), OJ, water, ice, and a small container of yogurt and BLEND!  That it ALL!

If you're a tired mama like me, you can do this!!

I hope this has been giving you some inspiration for healthier eating!  Let me know if you have tried it!


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