Eating Veggies with Every Meal

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Fitness Friday Tip of the Week! Try to eat vegetables with every meal!

Some of you may ask why, Ashley?! Well.. veggies are low in calories (1 cup of broccoli is only 30 calories), they are full of fiber, and help you feel fuller, longer.

So you may think that having vegetables in breakfast is kind of strange, right?!

When I did my bikini competition, I would eat a can of green beans, and 6 eggs (1 whole egg, 5 egg whites). A CAN of green beans!! Anyways, that is what I ate.. for about 5 months to get into the best shape of my life. You can take a look at a bikini competition picture and how I went from fit-to super pregnant-to fit(ish) here.

Other (more reasonable) options for incorporating vegetables in your breakfast are:
  • A vegetable omelette! (Grab some broccoli, peppers, onions, carrots.. whatever you have!) and make an omelette!!
  • A fruit smoothie with some greens in it! (So I haven't tried this yet.. but I know A LOT of people that add greens into their smoothies and cannot taste a difference!).
  • A spinach scrambler! (Grab some eggs, and spinach, and scramble them up!).
Some ideas for incorporating vegetables into lunch are:
  • A large salad with a protein of your choice! If you don't like meat; then chickpeas, black beans, and/or eggs!
  • A low-carb/spinach wrap with turkey and veggies inside!
  • Keep it simple with a protein (like chicken) and broccoli!
  • I also try to incorporate more fresh fruit into my diet, especially as snacks! They're easy to pack and a great pick-me-up for the midday slump!
Some ideas for incorporating vegetables into dinner are:
  • Steak and asparagus
  • Vegetable soup (definitely more for the colder months)
  • A grilled vegetable panini/sandwich
  • Chicken stir-fry
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Do you have any other ideas for adding vegetables into your meals?! If you do, drop them below!!

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