Inexpensive Garage Door Update/Hack

Inexpensive Garage Door Update/Hack

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My mother-in-law just built a new house and I loved the hardware on her garage doors!  So I was doing some research on garage door hardware; but I was nervous about putting holes in my garage doors.  If I messed up, then that would be a HUGE expense to fix.  Especially since our garage doors were just fine.  Well, I found these amazing, super inexpensive magnetic garage door hardware set that has COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED our garage doors!  Seriously, my sister-in-law thought we got brand new doors!!!

Here is the before picture of our garage doors!  Please excuse the boxes that the hardware came in and the dead plant.. I was trying to save it's life.. It did not work!  At any rate, you can see that our garage doors were just fine.. they just didn't have any pizzazz to them! 

Then, I literally look the hardware out of the box, and placed them on each of the doors!  It took less than 10 minutes, and did not have to drill ANY holes into my garage doors!  My husband thanks the manufacturer of these magnetic hardware!

Can you believe this inexpensive garage door update?!  I mean, that is a hack if I ever seen one!!

So if you're in the market for a garage door update.. then I highly recommend these magnetic garage door hardware sets!

Some helpful tips:

  • I also want to let you know that I've had these up for an entire year and they have not budged or faded AT all!  They look exactly the same as they did when I bought them!

  • However, these are NOT functional hardware.. my mom came over and thought it would work to open up the garage door.  They are simply decorative hardware!  The magnets are strong, but not so strong to open the door!

  • You can reposition them as you need!  They can move around and place them where you would like.  I used my mother-in-laws garage door as a guide for mine!!  If you don't have a window, then you can add the decorative hinges higher!
I hope that you found this super helpful!  If you wanted to check out my other updates, you can look at my Amazon Store or my ShopStyle Page!

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